The Directorate of Civil Defense visits the Faculty of Science at Thi Qar University

Within the activities of the awareness programs as a precautionary measure against the virus of Corona ..The Directorate of Civil

A study at the Faculty of Science / Thi Qar University discusses (physiology and molecular disease, sickle ce

The public discussion of the doctoral thesis was conducted on Thursday 27/2/2020 of the researcher (Rabab Ali Shenawah), the life

The president of Thi Qar University meets the governor of Thi Qar with an agency and a number of heads of ser

Thi Qar University President Prof. Yahya Abdul Redha Abbas Al Khafaji received in his office in the university city, Mr. Aba Dhar

Thi Qar University President on an inspection visit to the College of Arts

Mr. President of Thi Qar University visited Prof. Yahya Abdel-Redha Al-Khafaji Faculty of Arts today, Monday 24/2/2020, and he was

The engineering effort of the municipality of Nasiriyah at Thi Qar University

We launch the engineering effort of the municipality of Dhi Qar under the guidance of Mr. Governor Dhi Qar, Professor Abazar Al-Om

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