The president of Thi Qar University meets the governor of Thi Qar with an agency and a number of heads of service departments in the province

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Thi Qar University President Prof. Yahya Abdul Redha Abbas Al Khafaji received in his office in the university city, Mr. Aba Dhar Al Omar, Governor of Thi Qar / Agency and a number of heads of service departments in the province. The visit came to develop the infrastructure of the university and a meeting was held in the university president’s office.

Al-Khafaji said, “We have conducted an exploratory tour to find ways to break traffic congestion at the beginning of the day and at the end of the entrances to Thi Qar University.”

The Governor instructed the company executing the road linking the College of Medicine Street and the Al-Mostafawi area to connect it with Road 30 with the dirt dam with the second entrance to the university and the expansion of Qantara and burying the area adjacent to the university gate, allowing the area to facilitate the flow of cars.

The President of the University expressed the University’s readiness to provide all the requirements for the success of the project to avoid crowds.

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