The engineering effort of the municipality of Nasiriyah at Thi Qar University

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We launch the engineering effort of the municipality of Dhi Qar under the guidance of Mr. Governor Dhi Qar, Professor Abazar Al-Omar, and started the burial works and the expansion of streets and corridors leading to the university.

The creation of parking lots for students’ lines, and it was truly a sincere and great effort supervised by the municipality director, Mr. Qahtan, and the director of the university’s department. Large quantities of soil were lowered to bury the levees, level the land and prepare it for the purpose of covering it with space.

Mr. President of Dhi Qar University, Prof. Dr. Yahya Abd Al-Reda Al-Khafaji confirmed that the cadres of Al-Nasiriyah Municipality began Friday morning, and despite it being an official holiday, they did not affect themselves and in the presence of the municipality director, their work today, which will continue for several days, in order to find the entrance and exits of the university to reduce the traffic momentum of cars.

And the creation of parking lots for students’ lines to prevent parking on the dirt dam, which was a reason that hindered the smooth flow of cars. In this grandfather, cadres of the Dhi Qar Sewer Directorate were thankful to support the work.

The President of the University extended his thanks and appreciation to all cadres involved in the effort for their immediate response to the university’s call.

It is worth noting that the university entrances are crowded daily at the beginning and end of the university hours, and the roads leading to them are closed by cars, which called on the university to request assistance from the Governor, Mr. Abazar Al-Omar, and he kindly responded and directed the provincial departments to attend the university and provide the required assistance.


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