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The Head of Thi-qar University and His Scientific and Administrative assistants attended the meeting of the Universities Heads and the Ministerial Committee

  The Head of Thi-qar University  Prof. Yahya Abdel Redha ( Ph.D. ) and his administrative assistant Prof. Ali Hussein ( Ph.D. ) , and the scientific assistant Prof. Kamal Hamid attended the meeting of the heads of the Universities and the ministerial committee headed by the Technical undersecretary  Prof. Fuad Qassim ( Ph.D. ) and the representative of IREX Marry Mason ( Ph. D. ).

    The Head of Thi-qar University declares that we attended the meeting and it was about training teachers on how to use electronic platforms that assist them to transfer their lessons and scientific lectures to their students , in addition to transferring foreign experiences and expertise in this field . He also stated that Thi-qar University is keeping on use E-learning in a complete manner in order to deliver the scientific material to our students . Stressing that many challenges facing E-learning have been raised , particularly as this method will be permanent and supportive of class education in the case that things will return to its normal condition. Furthermore,   the representative of IREX promised that the organization will work to transfer global experiences to Iraq to assist in these exceptional circumstances .


Translated by : Saddam S. Hmood  

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